Hybrid Working

Many companies and organisations are considering what the future of the office looks like;

  • Do we need as much office space as we did before?
  • Can we strike a balance between working from the office and working from home?
  • How should we design our office space?
  • Do we even need our own space or could we share?
  • Do we need the office every day of the week?
  • We don’t want to be stuck in a lengthy agreement, should we consider short-term options?

We can help answer these questions by offering flexible office space solutions, including short-term agreements, the ability to flex your workspace provision up and down, and hybrid models of office rental.

Office Design

Space utilisation and office design could be a more important consideration for you now; where once desks might have been rigidly assigned to functions or individuals, you perhaps now want an office that features touchdown points, pods, workbenches and quiet spaces where people can seamlessly switch between the home and a thoughtfully designed workspace which aims to maximise productivity, collaboration and learning throughout your organisation.

Challenge our in-house design team to give you the solution you want.

Office Sharing

Our hybrid office-sharing solution works really well for businesses who don’t need to ‘lay firm roots’ in an office.  Typically they are paperless organisations and might not have a lot of IT infrastructure on site, preferring to be cloud-based although of course we can provide secure filing cabinets and accommodate servers and data links as required.

Biz Hub have been offering office sharing for several years.  We can design office layouts, agree sharing guidelines and facilitate cleaning between ‘users’ very easily.  Give our team a call today to find out more about our hybrid workspace solutions.