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Who We Are

We understand how important flexibility and low-cost solutions, with excellent service, are for our customers.

Our centre managers are passionate about assisting you with the day to day running of your business. Come and see us at any time, or ring one of our centres for a tour or for more information on our availability.

Biz Hub is part of the Seneca Property real estate business. Unlike many operators, Seneca Property both own and operate all of the buildings within our portfolio. Owning our properties gives us a significant advantage vs many of our competitors by allowing us to offer stability, and ensuring that we can take long term investment decisions for the benefit of our customers.

Growing Our Portfolio

We have ambitions to continue to grow the portfolio by acquiring other operating businesses, buying vacant buildings and rolling out our brand, or by partnering with other owners like ourselves to bring our expertise to establish and manage a serviced office business on a joint venture basis.

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For further information on Seneca Property, please visit our website (www.senecaproperty.com) or contact Jeff Morton or Chris Bullough on 01942 295 987

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Combining decades of experience in owning and operating exceptional real estate assets

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