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7 Signs You May Need a Bigger Office Space

In your business’ early days, you may feel that the space you have is perfect for your requirements. As your business takes off and starts to grow, that same space will probably begin to feel quite small and cramped instead. Once you realise you’ve outgrown your office, make sure to move into a bigger space – after all, the [...]

Group of colleagues celebrating

5 Most Popular Office Party Games to Try Today

Office parties are a fantastic way for your employees to bond and get to know each other more outside of the office setting. Of course, by having fun, employee stress levels are also reduced, and their productivity improves. Whether you’re planning an end-of-year bash, a party to show your appreciation for your employees, a summer-themed celebration or a fancy-dress [...]


How to Create a Tribe in Your Office

Building the right community at work can improve employee morale, boost productivity and increase your bottom line. The ultimate goal? To create a loyal workplace tribe. In this post, we look at four ways to foster a tribe-like environment in your office. 1. Ditch the small talk & gossip Small talk around the water cooler or gossip in the kitchen can [...]


7 Networking Tips for Networking Newbies

Networking is a great way to connect with other local businesses and build up your client base. But, the thought of small talk and exchanging business cards can often fill even the most professional person with dread. Sound familiar? Not to worry. With our seven simple networking tips, you can go from novice to a networking natural in no [...]


Balancing ‘Me’ Vs ‘We’ Spaces in Your Office

Do your employees need a place to recharge alone? Or perhaps an open plan meeting room to collaborate? Whatever your needs, it’s crucial to find the perfect balance to boost productivity, promote teamwork and prioritise your employee’s well-being. In most cases, this requires a mixture of ‘me’ and ‘we’ spaces, as this post will discuss. What is a ‘we’ space? A [...]


6 Manchester Resources for Local Start-Ups

With great public transport, cheaper living costs compared to London and a buzzing city centre, Manchester is a great place to set up shop for any type of business. It’s no wonder business is booming in the North West. More and more companies are popping up every day, with the region leading the country in terms of tech start ups. Best [...]


North-West Leads the UK for Tech Start-Ups

Manchester is not only a great place to call home, it’s also a fantastic place to set up your business – as figures reveal the North West is leading the UK for tech start-ups. With fantastic resources at your fingertips and a bustling metropolitan scene, there’s something for every budding tech entrepreneur. In this post, we’ll discuss why the North has emerged [...]


6 Apps That Can Supercharge Productivity for Your Business

Boosting productivity is vital for if you want your business to thrive. While the modern world has a number productivity enemies, there is also plenty of technology out there to help you overcome them. Whether it’s time management, efficient note-taking or working through expenses, there’s an app for just about everything business related. So, what are the best apps to help [...]