How to Safely Move to Your New Office Space


How to Safely Move to Your New Office Space

The recent government decision to urge people to work from home again has led to an increase of 3% of employees staying at home. However, not everyone can work from home, so many are still commuting to the office – and many are even moving to new premises!

Because COVID-19 is still an issue, it’s crucial that offices are prepared for this move and are, therefore, as safe as possible. From making sure the necessary safety measures are in place to giving people access to sanitisation, we’ve put together a few tips on how to move to a new office space safely.

Make Sure the Office is Clean

Before moving to new premises, it’s critical to ensure they have been deep cleaned and disinfected. The last thing you want is to stress about your health and that of your staff or, worse, fall ill because the space has not been cleaned as it should. So, always check and confirm your cleaning policy.

For example, at Biz Hub, we have updated our cleaning schedules to make sure they remain appropriate with the current issues brought on by the pandemic. We want our clients to feel comfortable and safe at our serviced offices, so we also deep clean high-risk areas (such as handles and bannisters) on a regular basis.

Is There Enough Space for Everyone?

When checking out your new office space, one thing you need to consider is whether there is enough space for your staff and your belongings. This includes social distancing – serviced offices already come with furniture, so you’ll want to be able to move it around to fit your business requirements and the current health and safety regulations.

Select an office space that allows you to configure the layout as you see fit and which ensures the safety of your employees. You can also rotate your staff, since this will allow you to include everyone while avoiding full occupancy.


Check If There Are Sanitisation Options in Place

It’s one thing to ensure the office is clean, and it’s another to have disinfectants and sanitisers spread across the space. This will help your staff to stay safe so, if you’re looking for serviced offices in the North West, check for hand sanitiser stations.

At Biz Hub, we fitted these stations at our main entrances and other appropriate locations in our centres, as we take health and safety incredibly seriously. This is why we also have signage placed in prominent locations to remind people of important personal health messages, from regular handwashing to adherence to social distancing.

Office Staff Should Be Informed

Returning to the office can be stressful, considering everything that’s going on at the moment. We want to minimise this stress and give peace of mind to all our clients when they’re in our centres, which is why the Biz Hub staff have undergone a revised training programme to ensure we’re equipped to deal with any situation.

This also allows us to operate in a safe and compliant way, as we always strive to stay on top of government guidance. Each centre has received updated local guidance, which includes things like new visitor sign-in processes and changes to the way we receive and record post and deliveries.

Biz Hub have limited the number of people allowed in communal areas too, such as kitchens and lifts. In addition, our staff has adequate PPE and we’ve installed protective screens on reception desks, so that both our team members and our customers can stay protected.

Create a Safe Work Plan

When moving to a new office space (or if you’re staying put but want to improve safety in your premises), you’ll want to plan for safe work too. We mentioned rotating staff, but there are other things you can do to make sure everyone is safe.

For instance:

  • Avoid face-to-face meetings – If possible, talk to your team, your partners or your clients via phone or video call. If you must meet in person, choose a well-ventilated room and practice social distancing. Talk to us to discuss your meeting room hire needs.
  • Reduce the need for public transport – By selecting an office with free parking (like you can find at Biz Hub centres) or places to park a bicycle, you can encourage your staff to avoid public transport, which can be hazardous at the moment.
  • Declutter the workspace – Not only are tidy environments better for people’s mental health, but they are also easier to maintain and sanitise as well. So, make sure the workspace is decluttered and personal belongings, as well as paperwork, are minimised.


Are you looking for serviced offices in Teesside or serviced offices in Barnsley? We have the perfect space for you at these locations, as well as many others, so why not see our offices for yourself? Because we understand each business is unique, we ensure that you can tailor our office spaces to your exact requirements, be it customisable layouts or décor options.

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