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7 Signs You May Need a Bigger Office Space

In your business’ early days, you may feel that the space you have is perfect for your requirements. As your business takes off and starts to grow, that same space will probably begin to feel quite small and cramped instead. Once you realise you’ve outgrown your office, make sure to move into a bigger space – after all, the [...]


How to Create a Tribe in Your Office

Building the right community at work can improve employee morale, boost productivity and increase your bottom line. The ultimate goal? To create a loyal workplace tribe. In this post, we look at four ways to foster a tribe-like environment in your office. 1. Ditch the small talk & gossip Small talk around the water cooler or gossip in the kitchen can [...]


How to Future Proof Your Office Space in 4 Steps

Keeping up-to-date with future office trends might seem like a tricky task. But an outdated office space could affect staff morale, reduce productivity and negatively impact your brand image. Over the last decade, we’ve already seen workplaces evolve from strict closed areas to open plan designs. So, what’s next for offices? And how can you future proof yours? In this post [...]