How to Create a Tribe in Your Office

How to Create a Tribe in Your Office

Building the right community at work can improve employee morale, boost productivity and increase your bottom line. The ultimate goal? To create a loyal workplace tribe. In this post, we look at four ways to foster a tribe-like environment in your office.

1. Ditch the Small Talk & Gossip

Small talk around the water cooler or gossip in the kitchen can be mind-numbing at best. At worst? It’s damaging to relationships. Meaningless, boring small talk prevents employees and employers forming deeper connections.

Creating emotional bonds in the office helps people feel comfortable and invested in their work. You can achieve this by encouraging employees to open up, ask them meaningful questions about their lives outside work, their interests and hobbies.

2. Praise Your Team

Forming a tribe is about surrounding ourselves with people who uplift and empower rather than knock-down and belittle. People want their ideas to be heard and valued – especially at work. Make sure you praise your team when they work hard and succeed. This will boost their confidence, make them feel appreciated and motivate them to keep doing well.

Equally, when things aren’t going to plan, don’t fly off the handle. Tribes of people understand mistakes happen. Growth comes by learning from those mistakes with constructive feedback.

Business Team Working Office Worker3. Don’t Overwork Your Staff

With a constant flurry of phone calls, emails and notifications at our fingertips, it’s harder than ever for employees to switch off. If your company encourages people to work, work, work rather than promote a sensible work-life balance it can lead to employee disdain.

You want your staff to feel invigorated, not dreading stepping through the office doors. Ensure you encourage your team members to switch off at the end of the day and make sure they take their annual leave. People deserve breaks. It helps them refresh and come back raring to go as valuable team members.

4. Create a Shared Purpose

The tribe mentality helps drive the ship and gives people a common goal to work towards. Although personal goals are important, a shared purpose can help build a community, boost team morale and improve productivity.

People feel more motivated when they are in a team, all working to complete the same project. This doesn’t have to mean group projects and team meetings 24/7. But it does mean every person’s task should be valued as an important step in the overall process.

The Perfect Space for Your Tribe

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