Why You Should Choose an Open-Plan Office

open plan desks in burnely central offices

Why You Should Choose an Open-Plan Office

As your business grows and changes, so should your office. Open-plan spaces are still an incredibly popular office solution, so they’re a common practice in most modern businesses. The benefits of choosing this style are many, no matter which type of business you’re running, be it a design firm or a financial company.

But how exactly can open-plan offices benefit your business? Below, we’re taking a look at the advantages of choosing open-plan serviced offices and why they’re still the layout of choice for many business owners.

Improve Communication and Encourage Collaboration

A major benefit of open plan spaces is that it makes for a more collaborative work environment. When several people are working in the same space without the obstacle of walls or doors separating them, they are more likely to ask for input on a task or project, as well as to share ideas or request feedback.

Having everyone together makes it easier to discuss ideas too. After all, there is no need to get up and move from your desk if you want to ask a question or discuss a task, for instance, as co-workers will be nearby to help with a work-related issue or even to share a quick break.

Therefore, communication in open-plan spaces tends to be better because everyone is within earshot and kept in the loop when any changes happen.

Increase Productivity

Because when you bring people together in the same space, they are only a seat away from helping out, you can foster a more productive work environment by opting for open-plan offices. Employees learn faster, there are more opportunities for creative ideas to flow and brainstorming is easier.

Space Can be Easily Streamlined

An open-plan office is easily customisable when compared to other office layouts. There is more flexibility to move people and furniture around, so you can make changes you feel will improve the workplace. From grouping staff to accomplish certain goals to being able to add more tables as a team grows, the office setup can be quickly modified without major hassle. This flexibility also allows you to plan for the future more easily, since you’ll be able to simply adjust the layout to meet future demands and needs instead of having to move premises.

CVH_V2_030Improve Management

It’s easier for supervisors to manage employees and respond to problems when there aren’t any closed doors or walls in the way. Managers can easily communicate with people and check how they’re doing when it comes to tasks and job assignments. Staff can also access management at any time without having to get up and knock on their manager’s office door. This can make them more comfortable to approach supervisors and direct bosses.

People Are On the Same Level

While hierarchy will always exist in the workplace, working in an open-plan office can help everyone to feel they’re on the same level; this means they feel part of a team and not separated from their co-workers. This will lead to improved relationships with people and help employees to feel more connected to their superiors and other members of staff. Individual offices, on the other hand, can lead to a more fractured workplace.

Work Relationships are Improved

Another important thing to remember is that employees can build better relationships with each other by being able to interact on a daily basis. Open-plan spaces facilitate this; instead of co-workers keeping their head down and working individually in cubicles of closed-door offices, they are more approachable and accessible in shared spaces.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Traditional offices tend to feel smaller and more confined, which doesn’t help with employee creativity or productivity – especially cubicles, as they look the same and can make people feel ‘trapped’. On the other hand, open-plan offices offer plenty of breathing space with clean lines and a trendier atmosphere. This allows for more personalisation and adds a contemporary feel to the space.

You Can Still Have Privacy

We understand that privacy is important so, even in open-plan offices, you’ll want to ensure that you have areas for employees to decompress (such as a little break room), quiet zones to help employees finish projects and meeting rooms to discuss projects to meet with clients, for example. The good news is that you can have it all; in fact, you can easily enjoy the benefits of choosing an open plan office layout while still being able to ensure privacy in the workplace.


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