3 Alternatives to Traditional Phone Systems for Small Businesses

3 Alternatives to Traditional Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Communication is an important part of any business. But are traditional landline systems the only option? With steep hardware costs and on-site limitations, these old-fashioned systems are no longer the most effective option for modern on-the-go companies.

So, what’s the alternative? In this post we discuss the main issues with traditional systems and three potential alternatives which can help boost your business.

The problem with traditional phone systems

Traditional on-site phone systems have been around for a long time, but they don’t come without some major drawbacks.

With hardware costs, setup fees and service charges, traditional phones soon become an expensive option for small businesses. They also limit the scalability of your company as it can be both pricey and stressful adding phone lines.

On top of that, traditional systems require you to be on-site to pick up your calls. This limits you to the four walls of your office and doesn’t account for the rise of remote working.

Here are some alternatives that could save you time and money – not to mention boosting productivity…

1. Non-hosted VoIP

Unlike traditional systems, VoIP uses an established internet connection to make phone calls via IP networks. There’s no need for an old-fashioned phone line.

This technology can be easily integrated into any business using desktop and mobile devices. With non-hosted versions you are in control of your service and responsible for any maintenance and repairs.

Needless to say, this can be great for businesses as it is a more efficient, cost-effective way of scaling up your businesses. However, it does require a reliable internet connection, and a member of staff who can maintain your system.

2. Cloud-based VoIP systems

Cloud-based phone systems have all the benefits of using an internet connection, like VoIP, but without the hassle of constant maintenance. Instead, your service provider takes care of the initial set up and is responsible for any issues and upgrades.

This takes the stress out of communications and leaves you to spend time focusing on growing your own business. Cloud-based system also allow companies to work remotely, meaning you’re no longer tied to your desk to make a work call.

3. Virtual systems

Another stress-free alternative to traditional phone lines are virtual systems and assistants. Essentially, this means forwarding calls to a remote team or member of staff.

Virtual assistants take care of phone calls and voicemails on your behalf, without the need to employ a full-time member of staff. They can also deal with administration tasks like emails and faxes. Understandably, this frees up your time so you can concentrate on more pressing matters.

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