Benefits of Choosing Serviced Offices Over Renting

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Benefits of Choosing Serviced Offices Over Renting

With real estate prices at a high, especially when adding maintenance costs, furnishings and equipment installation to the mixture, renting office space is not a desirable solution. Services offices, on the other hand, already come fully-equipped and fully-furnished – perfect for businesses to move in and start working immediately.

Whether you only need a small office or can benefit from a large space, we have everything you could possibly need here at Biz Hub. Take a look at what makes managed offices such an attractive option over renting office space.

Benefits of Serviced Offices

Opting for a serviced office comes with a wealth of advantages business owners can benefit from, no matter what sector or market they’re working in. At Biz Hub, we believe in offering only the best when it comes to office space, so our facilities are designed to meet and exceed your expectations. But what exactly are the benefits of choosing a serviced office instead of renting?

Serviced Offices are Cost-Effective

At the start of last year, there were 5.7 million small and medium businesses in the UK, an increase of 2 million compared to 2017; their combined turnover was 2 trillion. These figures not only showcase just how important SMEs are to the economy, but also just how many businesses start and grow every year.

Many of these businesses, however, face the significant dilemma of having to gather their finances to rent or buy office space, something not everyone can do. Whether you’re just starting out or have been trading for many years, these monthly and annual fees can quickly accumulate and make it difficult for businesses to thrive.

This is where serviced offices come in. They provide a space tailored to a business’ needs but without the hassle – and costs – associated with renting, furnishing and maintaining an office. This cost-effectiveness will also contribute to lower levels of stress by allowing you to focus on what’s really important: running your business.


Do Business Your Way

All of our spaces are fully kitted and customised to meet individual business needs and requirements, which means you’ll always find the office you need at Biz Hub. Whether you require an office large enough to fit 100 desks or a meeting room where you can meet with important clients, for example, you can rest assured that you’ll find it at our many locations. In addition, we cater to a multitude of industries, so you will always be able to customise your office solutions according to your preferences or even business branding.

Our Serviced Offices are Ready to Use

For businesses that don’t have the budget or time to purchase furnishings, or that don’t wish to go through all the trouble of finding a space to rent, of trying to choose a space close to amenities or of dealing with rent and utilities, serviced offices are the perfect solution. Our offices are ready for you to move in – you only need to add a personal touch or branding to make it ‘yours’.

Convenience is Key with Managed Offices

Serviced offices are also incredibly convenient. We take care of everything, including utility costs and maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about upcoming bills or fixing something that broke. Our many services ensure that you have everything you need to grow your business, from onsite parking and personalised mailboxes to onsite cafés and modern storage facilities. Just enquire today if you wish to learn more about how we can help.

Enjoy More Flexibility

Our quality business space is available on flexible leases at an affordable and all-inclusive rate. This means you can use our offices for brief or long periods of time, depending on what you require; you don’t have to pay for months of lease you won’t use. Many start-ups are agile and looking to work in an office space which can grow (or decrease) according to their plan. Our contemporary facilities have been designed for scaling up or down as required, so you won’t have to move out if you require more or less space. Unlike renting, you won’t be tied down to lengthy and inflexible contracts.

Benefit from Excellent Locations

We offer managed offices in many places across the North of England, all of which are suitable for both new and established businesses and for companies of all sizes. For instance, we provide serviced offices in Hull, serviced offices in Middlesbrough and serviced offices in Tees Valley, just to mention a few. All of the offices provided by Biz Hub are situated in fantastic locations and surrounded by all the amenities you could possibly need, including electric vehicle charging bays and restaurants.

How Biz Hub Can Help

Our serviced offices come with a variety of features designed to make your life, and business day-to-day, easier. Well-located, attractive, equipped with state-of-the-art trimmings and with great transportation links, our secure offices are perfect for anyone looking for a dedicated space to run their business from. Each location boasts its own unique features, facilities and local amenities as well, so you will be spoilt for choice. No matter what you do and what you require, Biz Hub will handle it for you.