How to Future Proof Your Office Space in 4 Steps

How to Future Proof Your Office Space in 4 Steps

Keeping up-to-date with future office trends might seem like a tricky task. But an outdated office space could affect staff morale, reduce productivity and negatively impact your brand image.

Over the last decade, we’ve already seen workplaces evolve from strictly closed areas to open plan designs. So, what’s next for offices? And how can you future proof yours?

In this post, we take a look at 4 simple steps you can take…

1.  Smart Technology

With technology advancing so fast, it can seem almost impossible to keep up with the latest products. Not to mention the costs of providing your team with the latest gadgets. Nobody wants to make big investments only to see a new product overtake theirs. So, is there a way to future proof without breaking the bank?

Smart devices might just be the answer. Whether it’s smart thermostats, smart bulbs or smart voice control, smart devices can be a great business asset. They’re perfect for setting team reminders, controlling heating panels and even tracking energy consumption. Over time, it can help make your organisation more efficient and keep overhead costs down.

2.  Flexible Workspaces

With more and more people working remotely or enjoying the benefits of flexi-time, offices of the future might not necessarily follow the traditional 9-5 pattern. In fact, research suggests that flexible office spaces are set to soar by at least 30% per year over the next five years. To prepare for this. it’s important you provide your employees with equally flexible workspaces.

Create an office design which is collaborative with your employees. Do they want the same desk every day? Or would it be more productive to have a hot-desking environment where employees come and go? An open plan layout could be a much better option in the future. However your team enjoy working, it’s important to listen to what they think would suit them best to boost job satisfaction.

BURNLEY_LODGE_HOUSE_0333.  Adaptable Areas

Another important part of flexible working is having an office that’s prepared for any future eventualities. You need to ask yourself whether your office space is scalable? Are workspaces adaptable?

To achieve this, think creatively about how you use every square foot of your office. For example, could you use part of your space as a co-working area for team activities? Being prepared for these changes will make it easier when they do come, reducing disruption and maintaining productivity in the future.

4.  Collaborative Spaces

Modern workforces don’t want to work in isolation. They thrive by collaborating – and it’s important to facilitate this. One trend that’s certainly on the up is wall designs which allow employees to brainstorm.

Whether it’s a creative industry like graphic design or something less spontaneous like accounting, employees can benefit from large whiteboards or even chalkboards to map out their ideas and invite discussion from their colleagues.

CVH_V2_017Future-Proofed Office Spaces

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