Author - Paul

6 Apps That Can Supercharge Productivity for Your Business

Boosting productivity is vital if you want your business to thrive. While the modern world has a number of productivity enemies, there is also plenty of technology out there to help you overcome them (for example, great virtual office assistant services). Whether it’s time management, efficient note-taking or working through expenses, there’s an app for just about everything business-related. So, [...]


3 Alternatives to Traditional Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Communication is an important part of any business. But are traditional landline systems the only option? With steep hardware costs and on-site limitations, these old-fashioned systems are no longer the most effective option for modern on-the-go companies. So, what’s the alternative? In this post we discuss the main issues with traditional systems and three potential alternatives which can help boost [...]


How to Future Proof Your Office Space in 4 Steps

Keeping up-to-date with future office trends might seem like a tricky task. But an outdated office space could affect staff morale, reduce productivity and negatively impact your brand image. Over the last decade, we’ve already seen workplaces evolve from strictly closed areas to open plan designs. So, what’s next for offices? And how can you future proof yours? In this post, [...]